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Is This You?

Running your own health, fitness, nutrition, or wellbeing business, but continuously sidelined to write posts, blogs, websites?

You are an expert. You run your business to help other people improve their lives, While you earn your living. 

​But instead of working with your clients, you spend far too much time researching and writing articles, blogs, your website. 

You want to be found in a busy world and build your reputation as an expert in your field, but don't have the time to work with clients and develop your online presence.


Game-Changing Results

Working with a copywriter is a game-changer

Just like any sport, you're usually in business to win. But unlike in any sport, there are different ways to describe winning. 

Winning might mean a hugely-successful, multi-million-pound business, or it might mean building something simple with which you can be proud. 

​However you dress it up, selling your business is the key to winning. Each aspect of your business relies on experts giving you advice and information specific to you achieving your success. ​This might be your finances, your business planning, your R&D. Similarly; whenever you need a written word, it is always best to call in the experts. 

A copywriter.

Copywriters don't just fill out a page all willy-nilly. They develop a persuasive case for your own clients. Each sentence and paragraph is thoughtfully constructed, placed in the correct way to engage your clients, and project you as the expert in your field.

​You have an excellent service that the world needs to know about.

Imagine an infinite number of monkeys with infinite typewriters and infinite time. What can they come up with? The complete works of Shakespeare. Now whittle all those elements into one, the Creative Monkey! A leading health and wellbeing copywriter, and fitness copywriter.

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